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We use our eyes for so many things nowadays from our smart phone to our tablet.

It is important to have your eyes examined at least once a year. At Cal Med Physicians and Surgeons, we have ophthalmologists who specialize in complete eye care, including retinology. Our experienced team will take care of your vision services, including a new eye exam.

Our San Bernardino abulatory surgery center features the latest technology to help treat medical conditions such as glaucoma and iritis. Our premier outpatient surgery center offers complete surgical eye care for cataracts, trauma and other issues. We strive to provide the best ophthalmology San Bernardino County can offer, and we can diagnose and treat eye conditions that are related to other diseases like diabetes.

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What is Opthalmology?

Eye surgery is a procedure that is performed on the eye and its surrounding area to treat a medical eye conditions. Also known as ocular surgery, it is usually executed by an ophthalmologist because the eye is a fragile organ that demands extreme care. There are many eye conditions and vision services that we provide at Cal Meds Docs to serve all of your optic needs.

Eye Exam

It is important to check for problems that can affect your vision, such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Eye Exam: What to Expect

Our San Bernardino ophthamology specialist will begin by asking you about your medical and vision history. You will then receive several eye tests that can include:

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Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process when your eyes get cloudy from the build-up of protein in the lens. What happens is that cataracts causes you to lose some of your eyesight as the cloudiness progresses with time and can begin to interfere with the ability to operate machinery such as your car and activities such as watching a movie.

The four major types of cataracts are the aging process, congenital with babies born with it or it develops in childhood, a traumatic injury to the eye, or as a secondary cause from a medical condition like diabetes or being around toxic substances, radiation or ultraviolet light.

Getting a stronger prescription and a new pair of glasses can help but eventually corrective cataract surgery will be required. This surgery can be done at our outpatient surgery center in San Bernardino County meaning you go home the same day as your procedure. Your lens will be removed and replaced with a man-made one.


Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness, a complex disease that generates damage to the optic nerve resulting in gradual and irreversible vision loss. The problem is that there are no warning signs as the disease slowly develops and can go being unnoticed for years. In fact, more than 2.2 million people in the U.S. have glaucoma, half of which may not be aware they have it.

Our physicians are experts at detecting and treating glaucoma and help protect your vision. Regular eye exams can help lead to early detection and treatment of glaucoma. A complete eye examination with specialized testing can help diagnose glaucoma in its early stages. People at risk for glaucoma include anyone with a family history of the disease, age 55 or older, extreme nearsighted, of Hispanic or Black background, has had a prolonged use of steroids, or a history of eye trauma or high pressure in the eyes.

The most common forms of glaucoma are closed angle and open angle, the most common form of the disease causing optic nerve damage. Although there is no cure for glaucoma and the vision lost to the disease cannot be restored, further loss of vision can be prevented or slowed down with laser treatment, eye drops to lower the eye pressure, or glaucoma surgery.


Iritis is the result of the iris becoming inflamed that can be caused by trauma or non-traumatic reasons. For example, inflammation can be created by a blunt trauma to the eye. Some of the diseases that can result in non-traumatic iritis include ankylosing spondylitis, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, Reiter syndrome and sarcoidosis.

Iritis usually affects only one eye and develops quickly. Here are some of the symptoms: blurred vision, red eyes, small shaped pupil, and pain in the eye, especially when exposed to bright light. A specialist can make a diagnosis of iritis by examining your eye with a slit lamp to check the white blood cells and particles of proteins in the fluid produced by your eye. Iritis is treatable depending on the cause. For traumatic iritis, it disappears within a couple of weeks. For non-traumatic iritis, it can take weeks, sometimes even months, to fully resolve. There are some cases of iritis that may be chronic, especially those associated with systemic diseases like sarcoidosis.

Why Choose Cal Med Physicians and Surgeons?

At Cal Med Physicians and Surgeons, our team is dedicated to offering you the best opthalmology San Bernardino County has to offer at our premier outpatient surgery center. We have highly-trained, board-certified and experienced surgeons with expertise in all aspects of surgical eye care specialties that will diagnose your eye condition. We focus on a positive patient experience and a successful outcome because we care about our patients and we value quality of care above all.

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